Inclusive Museums

Do you know of a museum that fully includes people with autism in its general programs, camps, workshops, docent programs, and/or employment program?  Please let me know so I can list such programs here!


  1. DuPage Children's Museum
    301 N. Washington Street, Naperville, IL 60540 Phone: (630) 637-8000.

    They offer:
    PECS books(specific to exhibits)
    American Sign Language interpreter can be arranged for class/training
    Alex the Therapy Dog
    Community Access Coordinator on staff
    DCM signage in Braille
    No admission cost for personal assistants (paid staff as one-on-one aid)
    Picture map of DCM
    Separate art classes can be arranged for special groups
    Therapeutic Play Guide
    Third Thursday program
    *Third Thursday is a special time once each month when families of children with special needs to enjoy the Museum and take advantage of the many parent and community resources available to them. This program is available the third Thursday of every month, from 5-7 p.m.

    Adaptive rods for Glow Art
    Children’s books in Braille throughout neighborhoods
    Light Table at several exhibits
    Open-ended exhibits with many sensory opportunities
    Photo Books (visual communication system)
    Picture schedules at various exhibits
    Sensory Box (various items)
    Slant board
    T-bar strikers and other adaptive mallets
    Therapy cuffs for strikers/mallets
    Wheelchair accessible Bubble Booth

    Magnifying Pendant
    Adaptive gloves to hold brushes/crayons
    "Cookie Crayons"
    Crayon pinwheel
    Finger-tip crayons
    Foam grips for brushes/crayons
    Knobby paint brushes
    Light boxes
    Light table
    Slant board
    Spring-hinge scissors
    T-bar brush/crayon holders
    Texture-focused art projects
    Visual systems for Third Thursday art projects
    Wheelchair accessible tilt table

  2. this is awesome info, Rachel. if you'd like to write a guest blog about how DuPage achieved its inclusive status, I'd love to publish it on the site.

  3. Please check out the Yale Center for British Art's "Exploring Artism" program for families with a child ages 5-12 on the autism spectrum. It's a free monthly program for the whole family.


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