Marketing to the Autism Community

"The autism community" is a concept that doesn't really exist: people with autism are from all walks of life, live all over the world, and are very different from one another.  Nevertheless, parents of children with autism, as well as adults on the spectrum, tend to connect through support groups, both in person and online.

To reach families with autistic children, these approaches are often helpful:
  • Reach out to school districts' special needs parent groups
  • Connect with local support groups, both for parents and for adults on the spectrum
  • Join list serves for local or regional organizations or chapters of groups such as the Autism Society of America
  • Join Facebook groups for local autism agencies, schools, and therapeutic groups
 To reach adults on the spectrum, seek out local support organizations.  In New England, the Asperger's Association of New England is a good bet (for adults, teens, and families). and are support groups for adults on the spectrum with chapters in several locations across the US.

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