Unique and Model Projects

Several interesting new autism-related projects have been or are now underway in museums across the United States.  I will be adding to this page as I learn more about each of these, and encourage you to be in touch to share your information.  Specifically, I'm aware of:
  • An IMLS-funded project in Boston which incorporates training, program/exhibit development and evaluation at three different museums (Museum of Science, Museum of Art, Children's Museum).  I served as a consultant for this project.
  • An NSF-funded project in Philadelphia at the Academy of Natural Sciences which involves training teens with high functioning autism for opportunities as volunteers, docents, and research assistants (I am an advisor to this project).
  • An ASTC rap session at the New Hampshire Children's Museum where several museums shared insights and heard from experts at Easter Seals (I attended this event).
  • Morning at the Museum, an accessibility project at the Smithsonian which offers online resources and will evaluate outcomes.
  • A now-completed project at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ, which involved the creation of educational materials intended to support learning by autistic children.

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